Upcoming Workshops


Mobility Workshop with Nicki Silverman
Saturday, September 14th 2-4pm

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This time will be a wild + wonderful mix of precision and fluidity.
Learn exercises to increase your active range of motion in joints and surrounding muscles in hips & shoulders. Take home tips on how healthy hips can positively affect sensation and range in knees, ankles & feet. We will nerd out a bit on how these joints currently behave and how to increase ease and fluidity in motion. Then we'll stir it all together with some free-form full-body movement!

Pre-register online to secure your spot!

Autumn Equinox Sound Bath with Fawntice Finesse
Sunday, September 22nd


Roll in to your favorite neighborhood yoga studio in the comfiest clothes and prepare for a cozy nap experience. Fawntice is the best of the best - highly skilled and musically trained to play a beautiful collection of singing bowls, gongs, bells, and other sacred instruments while you rest, supported with cushy props.
Allow sonic vibrations to wash over you without anywhere to be for an hour+.

Sound healing may be trendy now, but it is not a new practice. The potential benefits of music or sound in general to brain & body are many. Scientific studies show that the sounds and vibrations experienced in a sound bath setting have the potential to offer full body relaxation and a meditative mindset. Sonic stimulation while the physical body is in a resting state can vary from person to person; one may experience a peaceful dance of colors behind the eyelids, emotional enthusiasm syncing with various chakras, or a blissful nap-like state. Whether this may be your first sound bath or you’ve attended many, Fawntice will surely provide a safe energetic space and beautiful soundtrack for your supported creative nap time!

This healing sound bath experience lines up with the Autumn Equinox.

*Wear comfortable clothing, maybe socks, and if you enjoy a dark napping experience, bring something to cover your eyes.