Fun * Fierce * Family

We try to keep things light and FUN. ‘Cuz let’s be honest, life is hard enough. That doesn’t mean we won’t challenge you - physically, or maybe the mental piece of the practice will get the best of you during a class. It’s ok. Come back tomorrow. We believe curiosity is a huge part of continued growth in this practice; stay curious about what comes next, stay a student willing to learn. Can you to come to your mat with that sparkly child-like curiosity, leaving behind preconceived notions of vinyasa yoga? Cool. We’ll be a good fit then.
Now let’s have some fun on our yoga mats, shall we?

Our yoga is FIERCE. We find our style of yoga tends to attract a certain level of intensity - humans who bring passion, dedication & brilliance to their tasks at hand. We teach movement we believe in, practice ourselves, and offer plenty of variations so that everyone can experience the journey. We will challenge you to move in unique ways, to access strengths buried deep within you didn’t know or forgot you had. It is through the fierce undertones of our own effort that our practice becomes more light-hearted, and we have a chance to tap into that inner fire.

We are a FAMILY woven together through the practice. Regardless of your backstory, scars from the past or bruises from current life, there is a mat space waiting for you here. We aim to keep an open mind when approaching newness or challenges in our asana practice, as well as off the mat in sharing life as a community. Like the Greasers of The Outsiders, our view of “family” extends well beyond the genetic blood-lines in our neighborhood. Our shared local Highland Park pride, diverse texture throughout the Avenues, and the surrounding east side hills give this side of town somewhat of an island vibe rather than part of the hustle + bustle of greater LA. We’re cool with that. Here is your open invite - come check out what Golden State Yoga is all about.

“Families come in all shapes and sizes. It takes more than a mother, father, and kids to be a family. Family is people who care about you and look out for you.”
- The Outsiders

We got your back (bends). And your side planks. And your warrior 3s. Can’t wait to share this practice with you.