Stay Gold


Us. Since 2016.

We’ve lived both 1250 miles apart and together in a 250 square foot ohana on Maui. Crazy different work schedules and funemployment. Believed in yoga asana lineages/teachers, and lost all hope/connection to a one way. Great tans, break-downs, break-ups, make-ups, alotta sunsets, and even 1 sunrise (just 1 though cuz fuck mornings).

A throughline has been dedication to each other and dedication to the practice. Nashville + Maui each had their offerings; places to grow as teachers + students…yet something felt right when we landed in east LA.

We didn’t just start Golden State Yoga because it seemed like a nice idea once, or the thing we should do, or because we needed jobs with ourselves as our own damn bosses. We started Golden State Yoga because it was the right time to do the thing we’d been dreaming and planning for years.

Guess we’d better “do epic shit” like the sign at our studio check-in desk reminds us to do. We invite you to do the same. But don’t start a new yoga studio down the street as your epic shit; just come practice with us and do other epic things.