House Rules + FAQ’s


Forgot / Don’t own a yoga mat?

We gotcha. Our pretty awesome Manduka Eko mats are always free to borrow for your practice.

We may not have a sauna or showers, but we will remember your name

We have 2 restroom/changing rooms, cold filtered water, storage for your personal belongings, and a bright passionate team of instructors who are grateful to see you walk in.
* If you really need that post-practice rinse-off, we have a hose in the back.

No need to stress on getting here a half hour early to get your mat space

We open our doors 15 minutes prior to the start of each class. Plenty of time to settle in and make yourself at home.

We like plastic

Cool it - we mean credit/debit cards, not environment-harming non-recyclables. We are a cashless studio, so please bring a card for payment!

A friendly heads-up : you may sweat

We keep the room at a comfy warm 80’ish degrees. Since we live in SoCal, that usually means we just practice in “room temp” (AKA we do not have heating panels, this is not a “hot” studio). You will most likely glisten a little - or sweat from your eyelashes - depending on how much you typically perspire during exercise. We do not have sweat towels. Our rental mats are grippy, but if you tend to sweat a lot, please bring your own towel. And post practice, remember we have yoga instructors, not lifeguards, on staff. Clean up your perspiration pools after practice so no one slips and breaks an ankle.

It gets hot in here, but please don’t take off all your clothes

We support your freedom of choice to practice scantily clad if that’s your thing, but we do discourage X-rated wardrobe malfunctions. Please wear appropriate undergarments when practicing so no one accidentally catches a glimpse of your goods.

In the practice space : no shoes, phones, pets, kids, food, or booze

All of which are difficult to clean up after.

H20 is your friend

Drink water, kids. Hydrate well the night before if you’re a morning yogi, or consistently throughout your day if you practice in the evening so you are less inclined to gulp down water mid-practice. Dehydrated muscles are annoying.

Let’s all respect each other’s time as much as we can, cool?

We know life/traffic/shitty situations sometimes prevent punctuality. Our starting class ‘on time’' is usually giving ya 2ish extra minutes. We’ll make an effort to start class ‘on time,’ and you make an effort to arrive on time. Deal? Deal!

Commitment is hard sometimes

Did you book a class online, but can’t make it now? Cancel your reservation on whatever application you used to initially book (MindBody, ClassPass, etc.) prior to the class time you were going to attend. This way, you won’t completely lose your credit. If you do not cancel your reservation prior to class time, and are a no-show, you will be charged for the class.


No refunds for any goods or services. You may transfer a class or workshop purchase if needed! For a full list of our T’s + C’s, check out this boring page: Terms + Policies

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