Class Descriptions



Fierce + Fun! Our solar vinyasa classes weave bits of traditional vinyasa yoga with pieces of progressive movement patterns. Expect challenging strength-based work coupled with energetic and creative transitioning to foster fluid breath, brain and body connection.
Each of our instructors bring their own flair to this all-levels practice. A background in yoga or body weight movement is helpful but not essential to make this class experience your own.



Funk + Flight. The 1st rule of Flight Club is…there are no rules. Expect the unexpected in this hour-long all-out inversion party. This is a challenging, high energy practice focused on arm balances and inversions. Sometimes we may flow, sometimes we may focus on skills + drills; all the time we’ll crank some tunes and have a blast. Learn valuable training patterns from highly skilled instructors who will spur you on and keep you safe while you get comfortable and confident on your hands. A background in yoga or body weight movement is helpful, but you do not have to already know how to do a handstand to come to this class! Be prepared to have your hands on the ground in weight-bearing shapes for the majority of this ass-kicker class.



Fluid + Functional. Learn the difference between passive flexibility and active mobility. Our mobility flow classes explore interesting ways to acknowledge existing active range of motion and improve movement and coordination in general. Sometimes we’ll flow on our mats; sometimes we’ll ditch the yoga mat entirely and utilize the entire room to crawl, jump, and use a collection of unique props. Explore your capabilities, improve hand-eye coordination & functional movement patterns. We spend little-to-no time with our hands on the ground in these classes - a great compliment for other forms of training like running, cycling, or just a lot of our Solar Vinyasa classes!